“Above all, Nadezhda Pavlova rises as Donna Anna, offering flawless bel canto, vocal beauty and prima donna intensity. At least as much of a discovery as once the world-famous soprano Anna [Netrebko].”

Daniel Ender, Der Standard, 2020

“We discover in Nadezhda Pavlova an outstanding artist: the voice is clear and sonorous, with an incredibly youthful freshness, which is all the more remarkable as she is no longer a beginner. Superb high notes with a soulful pianissimo, an agility and an extensive tessitura which calls for admiration.”

Yvan Beuvard, Forum Opéra, 2018

“The performance of Nadezhda Pavlova, the enchanting Donna Anna of the evening, was a perfect example of it. Currentzis achieves that music is shaped out of language, or vice versa: that language is made into music. The young Russian soprano embodied this perfectly thanks to her incredibly versatile timbre and extensive tessitura and by giving herself to her part unsparingly - charging it with an almost expressionistic power. The scream she let out when Donna Anna realized who murdered her father (the Commendatore, beautifully performed by Robert Lloyd) literally shaked you to the core.”

Peter Hagmann, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 2019

“The star of the evening - besides Currentzis and musicAeterna - was the Russian soprano Nadezhda Pavlova - her Fiordiligi triggered storms of jubilation of a kind rarely seen in Vienna. (...) And her coloraturas sparkle like those of the 'star-flaming queen'.”

Peter Dusek, Online Merker, 2019

“The real star of the evening is Nadezhda Pavlova. We had discovered her already in Lucerne in the Mozart operas conducted by Teodor Currentzis in September last year, in particular in the wonderfully performed role of Donna Anna. She confirms this impression with an exemplary Princess Volkhova, showing perfect flexibility and control of her very expressive voice, splendid high notes, and a stage performance of great accuracy, both moving and youthful. The voice is powerful and flawless. Nadezhda Pavlova does not have a light, but a beautifully poised voice, with a rich and full timbre. Pavlova's voice is rare these days, truly outstanding.”

Guy Cherqui, Wanderer, 2020